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About KAT

Northern Minnesota born, raised, schooled and seasoned; I'm a devoted wife and mother of six beautiful children, a successful graphic designer, yoga instructor, genealogy sleuth and cowgirl and I never, ever give up.

KATScratch: Freelance, LLC & Spring-Creek-Ranch, Non-profit


Degree certification and 10 years experience in graphic design.  I work both locally and nationally, producing websites and high quality print materials for horse farms, small and large businesses, ski resorts, churches, restaurants, charities 

& more.


Degree certification and  20 years experience in Hatha Yoga and Mindful Meditation with course offerings in both classroom and private settings.


Board certification and  5 years experience in countless areas of genealogy, including but not limited to family tree making, DNA and family research.  I have connections locally in Minnesota to Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada and beyond.


Degree certification and over 10 years experience with personal training and life coaching.  Whether you see yourself hitting the gym or walking it out on your favorite country road .. it all works!


Degree certification and over 20 years experience with emotional abuse; specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Find help, inspiration and healing .. within you!