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Classroom Instruction Information

Mindful Meditation

A group set in rest and reconnection; 

focusing on balance for body, mind& spirit

30 minute classtime

Hatha Yoga

A group set in transformative poses (asanas) with focus on core breathing and 

balancing techniques

45 minute classtime

Specialized Classes

60 Plus

Rehab Classes

Poise and Posture

Greet the Morning

Rest, Relax and Sleep through the 


Private Instruction Information

Mindful Meditation

An opportunity of rest and reconnection for a healthy and balanced body, mind & spirit

45 minute classtime

Hatha Yoga

Transformative poses (asanas) that focus

on core breath and balance techniques

Specialized Class

At your location; consisting of a plan

 tailored to your specific needs.

Self Help/Inspiration

Contact KAT for more information on 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy & more!

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Life Coach/Personal Fitness

Contact KAT for more information on 

 restoration, balance and fitness!

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